Technology and Relationships. A lot of people are at odds about the effects of technology has had on relationships. Some have argued that technology enriches relationships, while others perceive that technology has devalued the quality of said relationships. Due to having a streak of usually being diplomatic in the aforementioned arguments (“ maybe?”.. it depends”), I’ve found myself to be leaning more towards the pro-technology camp.

After having embarked on my very own LDR (Yes, I’m doing LDR, a positive guideline on it, can be found here), I’ve slowly realized the abundant blessings that comes with technology.

The whole experience, has been somewhat surreal. When someone you’re so close to leaves you for a long stretch of time, it almost feels like they’re leaving you to fend off for yourself. It’s a definite blow to your confidence and it’s difficult to shrug off the dark blanket of doubt shrouding you, almost like a gloomy cloud appearing on the sunny horizons.

It’s an amazing feat to have some sort of comfort, especially with the ongoing anxiety that accompanies LDR, even when people call it a ‘crutch’. Truth to be told, using technology has allowed me to grin through the pangs of loneliness, and hold on more to the lapels of optimism.

This is how technology has helped me get through a Long Distance Relationship, with some relative comfort.

  1. Communication

With the nearly real-time communication, it’s an easier progress from constant communication to sporadic contact, instead of the ”I’ll wait for your postcard” relationship. I have deep respect for the oldies, where that was possibly the only mode of contact that one had with someone abroad, but to be frank, I think I’d have lost my mind waiting for news of their safe arrival. The small wary smile upon receiving the ‘Just Landed’ text was a minor reflection of the relief flooding my anxious nerves.

Bonus point: It’s a hidden blessing that even as they are boarding a plane, you can still virtually company them as they pass the boarding gates, and awaiting for the nice flight attendant to provide a stern ‘Switch to Airplane’ mode. It was a feat of prolonging the inevitable goodbye, but at that rate I was grateful for every second that we were even on the same stretch of land.

2. The Gifts of GIFS

Sometimes it’s a cumbersome thing, to keep updating everything, and writing long worded sentences telling people how your day was. For those of us who are, (or are dating) someone who is not of many words, LDR is a sure fire-test for communication. Thankfully though, now, relationships can easily be nurtured with the random uploads and shares of memes and gifs, allowing a small routine-like sharing of information (no matter how ridiculous or outrageous the memes are).

Disclaimer: I wouldn’t recommend a relationship solely based on this though; some actual updates may be needed. I’m just saying that it’s a nice option than just relaying sentences and sentences of constant words, especially if you’re not “a person of words.”

3. It’s Sync or Swim (Thank God for Widgets)

When your significant other is in a whole different time zone (let’s say a 15 hour difference), there’s a really weird gap of time involved. Always having to recall and make do with the adding or reducing of time, is a sure pain. Especially when it’s the crack of dawn, and you’re receiving a cute call from your significant other. For technology’s worth, here widgets come in and relatively save the day, to keep you in the loop if your significant other is snoring the night away, or is away from their phone for work, or sitting for an exam. So for a better chance of not disturbing your other half from a relative ‘it’s a bad time’ spiel, use that widget!

PS: This should also help you from having those bad anxious thoughts of “DID SOMETHING BAD HAPPEN?” to a, ” They’re probably still sleeping, it’s still 6 am there”.

4. Digital Notes are the New Love Letters

There’s nothing like the nice surprise of receiving an out of the blue selfie or voice message. These are like little hidden chocolate surprises, sent by your loved one all the way in another continent. It’s almost like a neon light of ‘I’m thinking of you, right now, all the way here.’ It’s made a self-proclaimed romantic like me, swoon and grin like a mad woman.

6.  No Shipment Required

Okay, don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with big romantic gestures. Sending a bouquet a thousand miles away to your loved one, or springing a surprise visit on them is an amazing gesture. But as a fresh graduate, and one that is riddled by fiscal demands, I simply can’t do that. Nor can my significant other. So, I appreciate it that I can do cute random things, like a funny GIF or a meme of him as a sweet gift.

Although, it may not guarantee a success of a long distance relationship, technology sure does help people going through it. So, is technology really bad for relationships, if you use it right?