A vacation is one of life’s best gifts, in my humble opinion (I may be slightly biased, but don’t let that fool you). I truly believe in the idea that just taking a couple of days off to explore an unfamiliar scene allows you to take a step away from the mundane, and it really helps in easing the low-level anxiety that constantly hovers around you throughout the week. For some, it’s about taking the opportunity to live a completely different lifestyle for the weekend and immersing one’s self into new cultures, and for others, it’s more about telling the world of the new places you’ve been to, complete with an appropriate filter and a uniform hashtag to make it easier for everyone else to follow your adventures.

It doesn’t really matter where you are; whether you’re tanning on the beach or walking down the streets of a foreign city, you’re bound to come across at least one of the types of people on vacation listed below. I know I’ve been at least one of them once, if not more than a few of them combined during more memorable trips. Maybe you can find yourself in these personalities as well!

The Spontaneous Flyer

This is the person who buys their flight ticket the night before on a whim, because they “feel like it”. They completely embody the spirit of spontaneity and believe that planning the nitty gritty details of a vacation takes all the fun out of it in the first place. Usually, they’re pretty experienced when it comes to finding accommodation and places to eat on the spot, hence why they aren’t too worried if they arrive in a foreign country and don’t even have any reservations at a hotel that night just yet. And if they do get lost, they aren’t too bothered about it, because “things will work out eventually” is their main philosophy.

The Hedonist

You can find their kind either on the beach, soaking in the sun rays or the spa, in some generic tropical country, lazing about without a care in the world. They’re the ones that take advantage of all the benefits a hotel resort may offer, and their idea of a vacation is basically to do nothing at all for the next few days.

The Artist

Ever met someone who would go to different countries just to take a specific photo, or work on their novel or even draw and paint random strangers on the street during their vacation? Then you’ve probably met The Artist. There’s just something inherently inspiring about being in a completely foreign city that brings out that extra special flow of creativity, whether it’s just sitting in a cafe and writing poetry, or snapping that perfect picture for your travel album.

The Local

They’re pretty much assimilated into the culture and the people, save for the fact that they have a short term holiday visa and no permanent address in that country. They’re the ones who have visited that particular place too many times to count, and they’ve gotten pretty fluent in the language as well as the ins and outs of the lifestyle in the process. And you wonder, as you listen to them sharing inside jokes with the locals, why haven’t they moved there yet?

The Hardcore Planner

Do not front with them; they’ve got all the details of their vacation down to a tee one month before they actually get on that plane or begin that car ride. They’ve calculated just which flights would be the cheapest and during which season of the year, and they’ve done countless research on the best hotel, food establishments, tourist attractions and anything else they fancy putting on their itinerary and still keep the budget in mind. They have micromanagement down to a pat, and their power bank is always fully charged, phone and a notebook with backup maps, directions and comments ready in hand.

The Social Media Addict

Face it; we’ve all been this last one, one way or another. They’re the ones who’s got ample access to the Internet in order to update their social media feeds. Be it Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter or a host of numerous other platforms, there’s this inherent need to show everyone else what they’re missing out on when you go off on holiday to an exotic resort or roaming the cobbled streets of quaint cities. And what better way to share these experiences than spamming your friends’ social media feeds, am I right?