Israk Mikraj is celebrated on the 27th day of the month of Rejab. It commemorates the night that Allah took Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) from Mecca to Jerusalem before he ascended into heaven. It happened in the 10th year after the first revelation in Hira’ Cave. In that year, Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) lost two of the people who were most dear to his heart – His beloved wife, Siti Khadijah and his beloved uncle, Abu Thalib. During this sad period, Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was taken on a great journey to meet Allah – The journey known as Israk and Mikraj.

As it is about journey, I’d like to touch on the topic of one’s spiritual journey. All of us are striving to be the perfect Muslim. We want to be loved by Allah and respect our religion. For one, it may be something new. Maybe they have a dark past of committing mistakes and sins, and therefore want to repent, or perhaps they want to change to become a better person, a better Muslim. One of the things we continuously try to do is to be a better person, because we know that being a better version of ourselves will help us more to be successful in life and the hereafter.

Seek forgiveness

This is the first thing we always have to have in mind. Everything we do has its consequences and everything you do, Allah won’t change you unless you decide to change. You need to be willing to change and put your heart, thought and effort into it. Turn to Him for forgiveness. He is inclined to forgive all sins for He is the Most Forgiving. Let go of the mistakes you have done in the past and focus on improving yourself for the future. Sincerely repent to Allah SWT for forgiveness and leniency.

Practice Islam

Pray five times a day and make it as your focal points of your day. If you’re just starting off and are struggling to this, start off with afternoon prayers, gradually increase the number of prayers and you will get used to it.

Read the Quran and understand it, for it will help you have that direct connection with Allah and will open up your heart to understand how beautiful Islam is. Remember to perform Dhikr, which makes you mindful of Allah.

Being devoted physically

If you’ve never worn a hijab or only wear it on special occasions, perhaps you want to start wearing it but do not know how to. You can start by ditching the tight clothing and knee-length skirts, shoulder-baring tops. All of which are harmful for the non-Muhrims’ eyes. You could look upon wearing hijabi friendly clothes, a loose top, layering your clothes, wearing long pants and maxi skirts. These little changes can lead you to open your heart to do even more righteous acts. The hijab covers and protects your whole self, including your speech, your manners, and your heart.

Being around good company

Be around people that bring good influence. Don’t be around those that harm or hurt your feelings, or enjoy bad-mouthing and gossiping others, as it will only hold you back from acts of good deeds and worship to Allah.

Each time you are about to do something, ask yourself, “Will Allah be pleased?”