I have been the witness one too many times to the words, “Women are too emotional sometimes, that’s why they cannot succeed,” or of the like, casually drifting out of the mouth of the unfortunately oblivious person. I feel heavy in my chest whenever I do hear this unmindful chain of words, because it bears with it the insinuation that ‘men are better’ and this implication comes with the underlying assumption of men being the opposite of women, that is, logical, which is what makes them better. After an in-depth discussion with my very close friend (who happens to be a man), we came to the conclusion that neither the ‘Logical Man’ nor the ‘Emotional Woman’ is better than each other.

I am a Muslim woman living in the year 2017 as a 25 year-old. I’ve had my fair share of condescension; those with the basis of an unsubstantiated assumption such as the one of the oblivious person. I believe that Allah The Most Perfect created each individual differently for a very good reason: How monotonous and dull would our world be if we were all created the same? Where would the dynamics in any types of relationship originate from, if everyone were similar? What would make the world go round?

With that said, it is not that I completely disagree with the overall stereotypes of women being emotional and men being logical. After all, stereotypes do come from facts. In my opinion, what differentiates the mindful and educated from the oblivious is their ability to understand that human beings are beyond stereotypes of any kind; Men and women possess the capability to shape themselves into becoming whoever and whatever they want to be, regardless of their characteristics. We are all human beings, consisting of skin, blood and bones; we are all ultimately mere creations of Allah SWT, no one greater than the other. One may be more emotional than the other, but neither logic nor emotions define a person’s superiority, and this is what we should all keep in mind.

As Muslim men and women true to our faith, we have to keep in our minds and our hearts that Islam is a religion of peace and to uphold peace, maintaining respect, love and understanding towards one another is crucial.

O You who believe! Enter absolutely into peace (Islam). Do not follow in the footsteps of satan. He is an outright enemy to you.
Qur’an (2:208)

Let your fellow brothers and sisters of the world be whoever and whatever they want to be, and avoid condescension towards these fellow brothers and sisters; offer nothing but love, respect and understanding. Let women (or men) shed their emotional tears, for it is this uncontrollable outpouring of love and feeling that we all crave from our mothers. Let men (or women) remain stoic in their demeanor during trying times, for it is this rock-solid rooting to his beliefs that we crave from our fathers. ‘Women’s emotions’ or ‘men’s logic’ do not define any kind of inferiority or superiority. In fact, they need to coexist because it is this dynamic that makes the world go round– One cannot exist without the other. They need each other, and it is in this way that the logical and the emotional, regardless of gender, are equal.