What and who are we without our parents? They say we will never know what our parents have done for us, until we are in their shoes. Parents are the life givers, we are all a part of our mother and father, and we might not know the sacrifices they make to let us into this world. A father might have to let go of his dream car so that his daughter can go to a much better school. A mother may sacrifice a bread she’s been saving for herself, just so her children are full. 

Being the youngest and always sticking around my parents since I was young, I had the privilege to hear stories and observe what the elders are saying and how they feel. We probably don’t realize it, but every parent makes small day-to-day sacrifices just to see the happiness in their kids’ eyes. One might think, they are parents, that’s what they are supposed to do.

You never realize how much your parents have sacrificed to give you a good childhood and how much they spent making sure you are happy until their very last breath, even though they could have spent it on something else such as bills or other expenses. The sacrifices they make are infinite, I feel as though my chest tightens that I cannot wait to give back and give them the world the same way they did to me.

I know that the line between love and sacrifice is oftentimes are unclear, but the difference between the two can have a great impact on a parent’s experience. I’m sure we have all heard our parents lamenting “How could you do this to me, after all the sacrifices that I’ve made for you?”

A mother would sacrifice their career, put everything and their professional life on hold. Naturally, the father has to put his career as a priority for the sake of his family. Whether it is singing and putting us back to sleep as babies, or comforting us during a terrible thunderstorm, our mothers didn’t get “time off”, even in the middle of the night when they are already exhausted. We may never be able to repay our mothers for all the sleepless nights they spent with us, we can surely give them a big “thank you” and through our actions by being there for them whenever they need us.


When a baby is born, a mother experiences the most excruciating pain they can ever go through in life. A human body can only bear up to a certain level of pain. Yet at the time of giving birth, a mother feels beyond it. Imagine 20 bones getting fractured at the same time. Now that I have painted you that picture on how the pain feels like, know that the problem does not end there. After the birth of a child, a mother is out of shape and has to work really hard to get into her pre-baby shape again. This also means that her confidence level decreases, who doesn’t want to look good? The scars a mother gets from being sewn, if they gave birth through C-section. Still, she chooses to deliver a baby that comes out of her own flesh. This baby is dearest and parents feel privileged to sacrifice their whole world for the sake of their children. Being a parent is the most joyful thing for anyone, even though it comes with so many responsibilities and also liabilities. Our parents take this challenge and help us grow into a responsible person.


After becoming a parent, the mother and father’s lives are centered around their little bundle of joy. Throughout their life, parents dedicate their time directly or indirectly for their kids. There is no day off, they are committed to be there for their newborn baby. One might have to run errands all day and still worry about their child at home, waiting for them to come home. The look on their newborn’s face can say so much, and would need his or her parents tender loving care all the time. There is no longer that ‘me time’, and date night with the spouse seeing the movies at the cinema just has to wait.


Our parents give out their comfort to their children. There are a number of obligations and priorities that parents need to recognize and prepare for. They need to come in terms on their ease so that their child can be happy and feel content with their lives. Our loving parents would put all their hard work so that their children feel provided and have what they deserve. Have you ever heard when a parent wants you to excel in school that they promise you a reward if you achieve it? We don’t know if they can actually afford that, they just want to see us be good in school and succeed in life. Every parent wants to see their child to be happy and grow up to be a noble human being.

Social life

Take a look at your life now. You probably have a number of friends you like to meet every now and then for coffee and cakes, or sleepovers. Now, picture your parents, they were young once too after all. When they have a child, their whole lives change. After the child comes into a mother’s life, she would choose to edge her public circle. When you become a parent, you try to give most of your time to your children. For any social circle to grow, be it work or college, it is necessary that you go out and meet them, to stay on the loop. However, after becoming a parent, it becomes difficult to manage your time between family and friends. 

Now, you still think your parents are always bugging you with your life?