I have always envied my cousins, friends or even anyone who share their life with at least one sister. Frustrated, listening to stories about those having a girls’ day out, girly playtime or even mini-fights with their sisters that I cannot relate. As for me, having three brothers could be such a handful. When others have their girls’ day out which means shopping, eating out or movie time, my day out means going to the cyber café, jam sessions or shooting the basketball at the arcade. When playtime for others means playing makeup or tea-time, my playtime always meant fishing for small crabs or turning our room to a war zone. Although my brothers and I rarely fight (thankfully), when we do it was never a huge one that our parents would have to interfere. Also, I could never leave my phone around. Let alone phone, even my slippers are always missing. One hides one side, the other one hides another while the third will pretend he didn’t see anything and let me spend minutes looking for my slippers.

Nonetheless, I can’t thank Allah enough for blessing me with such playful yet lovable brothers. And yes, they play a huge role in my life to this day. Hence, here I am sharing some of the fun facts about having brothers, in support of the International Men’s Day!

1. They are my ‘guardian angels’

My brothers have always been protective of me and that’s one of the things I love about them. Back then my parents never allowed us to go out by ourselves, even when we’re with friends. I would have to ask my brothers to plan a day out with his friends so I can go out with mine, on the same day, at the same time and the same place. Although at times, it’s the other way around. However, things have slightly changed now that we have our own commitments. Nonetheless, facts do not change; I still have to tell at least one of them of my whereabouts. Yes, it can be annoying to have a curfew and to report every time I go anywhere but that’s how they show their love, I believe. For girls, it is important to let someone know our whereabouts too. At least for me, in case of emergency, I know someone is just one call away.

2. They are like a walking Google

All three of my brothers have different interests from each other. When they get curious about something, they become competitive. They race against each other to be the first to learn and get answers to their curiosity. Hence, they know so much about so much and they like to ‘educate’ each other, including me and our parents (the spectators). From this, I get free lessons too. I get to learn about car problems, various musical instruments, football, politics, scientific things, comics, and so much more. Apart from that, they know where to shop for the good stuff too!

3. Fashion advice is a must too!

I guess I can be helpful to my brothers too, especially in terms of fashion. As if we don’t have enough mirrors, there were countless times when they would come knocking on my door to ask for fashion advice, top to bottom: from hairdo to shoes. Shopping with them is even tiring. Who knows that a slightly taller Songkok could affect their appearance, or a shorter length of sinjang can be a hassle to them? Apparently, it is as irritating to them as us ladies having a bad makeup or hijab day.

4. “If you didn’t eat fast, you didn’t eat!” – Ross Geller, Friends TV Show, Season 8, Episode 3.

The first time I came across such statement while watching the TV show, I laughed out loud. Not that I’m trying to embarrass my brothers but it does happen! Especially when it comes to snacks. I used to be the one who would end up sulking because I’m always left with just a piece or two (and that’s if I’m lucky) or just an empty packaging. Over time, I get tired of sulking so if this happens to you too, I advise you to always be the first or to have extras when getting snacks. Trust me; hiding your snacks doesn not help.

5. Pink is out of the question

My mom is a bit traditional and she likes to match colours particularly during Eid or attending weddings. It is a routine that every year my mom and I will be deciding on the colours for Eid. The boys couldn’t care less on this but there’s a rule that my mom and I have to agree to. That is: no pink coloured ‘Cara Melayu’. Considering that they go with any colour but pink, there is no harm in compromising.

There are more to this that I can mention but these so far are my top picks. Another interesting fact is that November is coming which means it’s time for No Shave November! I find it interesting because this is the time when their appearance will change a lot from a ‘clean baby face’ to an ‘adult look’. It’s a competition between the brothers, and including my dad too.

My childhood sure was an adventurous one with my brothers around. Even now they’re still as playful as I still find myself missing a side of my home slippers every time they’re home. I can’t deny how I had wondered how it’d be to have a sister but all in all, my three brothers are my siblings that I love dearly. The boys will never express their love verbally but the fact that they are always there me says it all and it’s more than enough.