“So patiently persevere. Indeed, the promise of Allah is truth. And let them not disquiet you who are not certain [in faith].”


Perseverance- An action easier said than executed. We are faced daily with obstacles that challenge not just our physical abilities but also our emotional and mental capacities, and at times it feels as if to give up, in whatever form that may be, seems to be the only option for the soul struggling under immense pain and heartbreak. We all know that that is merely a dangerous illusion, and that the only option we should turn to is perseverance and steadfastness but, as they say, it is easier said than done. As mere human beings, we are needing constant reminders as to why and how we should maintain perseverance, and here are three tips as to how to achieve it.

1. For perseverance, maintain patience.

Patience is without a doubt an essential when it comes to maintaining perseverance in trying times. Without it, we can safely say that one’s emotions will go haywire as a result of a lack of rootedness and emotional strength and this will invite nothing but regret. You will become stagnant and growth of self as a person will be out of your reach, and is not growth the one thing we all should strive towards, even in the worst of times?

Here is a list of five reasons why patience truly is a virtue. With patience, the painful situations that have afflicted us will become very important lessons, instead of mere unfortunate circumstances.

2. For perseverance, be optimistic.

“Optimism” is always on the tips of the tongues of the advisor; It is a difficult trait to attain, let alone to have in painful situations, but keep this in mind- How you carry yourself and how you see the world will be reflected back towards you in unexpected but beautiful ways.

Think about it: When one is faced with the most painful of heartbreak but maintains optimism, for example, he or she believes that there must be a good reason why he or she is faced with the said affliction, he will undoubtedly react to any repercussions of the heartbreak with an optimistic demeanor, which will only welcome good results. Optimism, with that said, is a key trait to possess when one desires to persevere in trying times.

3. Have good intentions and talk it out.

A lot of the time, the victim of struggling painful heartbreak keep to themselves, only because it is easier to not talk about it and try to explain the roller coaster of emotions that you are going through to even the closest of friends. Perseverance will be difficult to achieve if you do this, for how can one power through difficult times if he doesn’t talk to anyone about it? Are humans not social beings, who require love, affection and friendship from the right people?

Aside from talking it out to friends who are dear to the heart, perseverance in difficult times can also be attained if you have a proper sit-down with whoever is the reason for your pain and heartbreak in the first place, as long as you keep good intentions. With patience in one hand and optimism in the other, talking it out and resolving the issue (even if it means agreeing to disagree) will for sure play an essential role in helping you maintain perseverance, so that you can power through and stay strong.