You might be surprised to know that there are actually a lot of Halal restaurants in the UK. I think I spent most of my time, especially during the holidays, to hunt for Halal places to eat during my 3 years period of study there. The places I went to are either as per recommendation by others or based on online reviews. Here is some of what I consider top halal restaurants in the UK.


My personal favourite! It is an American diner and milkshake bars themed. Among its many branches, I am pretty sure the branch are located in Bayswater, London, is the most famous and frequently visited by Bruneians in the UK. I used to stay outside London so the only time I am able to satisfy my cravings was during the holidays. Their menu ranges from starters, main course, desserts, drinks and milkshakes. As for starters, I would recommend any others but chicken wings and fries. Not that it’s not good but it’s because they specialize in burgers and chicken for their main course menu which includes free sides (fries/coleslaw/mashed potato and so much more) and dips. Their milkshake is a must try too! Their food and drinks maybe a bit pricey, but at least once, try it out. As for me, my top picks are nachos to be shared for starters, Buffalo wings or chicken fillet with Cajun sauce for main course and Kinder Bueno milkshake – always!

Taza Kebab

Another personal favourite and top amongst Muslims in the UK too. Taza is famous for its chicken and/or lamb shawarma. Really, it just melts in my mouth. Located in Bayswater, London, this place is often the go to place for something light but filling, affordable price too. You can opt for chicken or lamb filling, with or without salad, and with garlic and/or hot sauce. In case you want something to boost the taste more, they provide extra sauces and jalapeño for free. I don’t eat lamb but every single friend of mine kept on asking me to try it out because the lamb shawarma is just, ah-mazing. If you’re thinking of stopping by, get any filling of your preference, add the salad, the sauces, the jalapeño, grab a chair, and enjoy every single bite while it’s hot!

Rasa Sayang

An Asian cuisine located in Chinatown, London. The location of the restaurant is quite tricky so I suggest referring to a map for direction or use the GPS. It is definitely worth the try especially if you’re craving for a hint of local food. They serve varieties of starters, main courses, desserts and drinks like chicken wings, spring rolls, rice, noodles, satay, rojak and so much more – at affordable prices. Look out for their package offers. When my friends and I were there, they offered this package order where you can order full set of starters, main course and dessert, including drinks, at a cheaper price than ordering them individually.

Antalya Restaurant

Looking to try out a different cuisine? You might want to try Antalya, a Turkish restaurant. I went to Antalya the first time when I visited Dundee in Scotland. They have other branches in London as well. We had their Hummus with Naan bread, Tavuk Kulbasti (grilled chicken fillet) with rice and salad for me and mixed kebab with rice and salad for my brother and sister-in-law. Of course, their food was amazing. Although, their menu may be confusing as their original name were used on the menu (e.g. Tavuk Kulbasti) but worry not, the description is provided for every single one. Otherwise, don’t hesitate to ask the waiter/waitress for more information.


This one specialises in Portugese style Peri-Peri grilled chicken. Have it with one or two sides of your choice and bottomless drink, will leave you full for a long time! However, please be sure to check for the Halal branch before heading there as not all of their branches serve Halal meat. My friends and I were always so thankful for Halal Nandos in Newcastle. We find it as a comfortable place for meetup. Their service was always tip-top satisfying.

Dixy Chicken

As a student back then I enjoyed having takeouts or having food delivered. Even during informal gatherings, Dixy Chicken was always the best option to have with friends. It is a fast food restaurant, therefore, cheap. However, they have a limited range of food: meal set of fried chicken wings with fries and drinks, chicken fillet wraps, burgers and pizza. Take note that their chicken wings may be a bit spicy and it’s better to have them while they’re still warm. What my housemates and I always did was to place online orders and while waiting, cooked some rice – they’ll arrive almost the same time the rice cooks. Otherwise, you can dine in for a quick meal.

Chicken wings with rice, drizzled in chili sauce (Maggi or Life, you name it), fries and a can of pop: the ultimate comfort food.

Chicken Cottage

An alternative to Dixy Chicken, you might want to try Chicken Cottage. Apart from fried chicken and burgers, they are well known for their grilled chicken and BBQ lamb ribs. Another fast food restaurant but I can guarantee the food served is always warm. Their chicken or ribs are also perfect to have with plain rice when you opt for delivery or take away. The portion of the grilled chicken (half or whole chicken) may be enough to be shared among 2-4 people. Unless you want to have some for lunch and keep the rest for dinner, like what I always did, you won’t need to worry of what to cook afterwards.

The above are the top Halal restaurants among others that I have tried out. There are more to this than I can list down. Despite being a bit of a picky eater, I would love to try out restaurants that I have never been to, especially when they serve the non-norm cuisine like Turkish, Lebanese, and Portugese among others. You can always search online for other Halal restaurants in the UK and look for their menus, prices as well as reviews by others so that you know what to expect. On the whole, food hunting is always a fun thing to do anywhere, don’t hesitate to be adventurous to try new Halal restaurants in the UK, or even anywhere else.