Travel blogs are an amazing platform to connect with people with the same love for traveling: fellow travellers, friends, family, and those who are just getting started to explore this world. Its personally my definition of modern day scrapbook or journal of your journeys. It’s kept online and it doesn’t get worn out by the touch of our fingerprints. You don’t need to use a paperclip or paste your photos on the pages, simply upload them photos, and videos too and ou’ll able to read back in later years and remains virtually untouched. 

The key to great writing is that you’re passionate about it. Being passionate about something lets you be sincere and that you’re doing something you love. If you also love travelling and you are passionate about these two, why not put them together? You can achieve greatness with it. It’s a great hobby to have.

So, why should you write about your adventures?

1. Its your chance to express yourself

Writing about your travels lets you dig deep into your heart and find what’s inside, your passion. It needs to be meaningful to you. Passion can be felt and heard by others when they see it. It’s one of the important aspects in doing something. You are giving a voice to your writing, your ideas and it means something to you.

2. You are constantly learning

When you are taken out of your comfort zone, you’re being exposed the unknown. You get to see new places, meet new people and discover different cultures, cuisines, languages, and a deeper appreciation of faith. It does not only let you open up to learn new things but also opens up your mind and develop a wider view of the world. Traveling lets you experience all things unfamiliar! Which is quite exciting to me and made me wants to sharing what I learn to my readers. This will actually inspire them to do the same. Imagine all the insights you gain and that you give back to the society!

3. It’s therapeutic

To me, writing acts as some sort of therapy. I have so many things on my mind that I like to put it down on paper (or in some cases, typed!). It clears my mind and it helps me express myself. Over the years I’ve learned that I’m not great at telling people how I feel. Words get all over the place and my point seems to be hard to get across. When I write however, I’d instantly feel better and the message I wanted to give, reaches the listener (reader). Blogging my travel experiences eases my mind, so I’d assume that it would make others feel the same way too. Also, it’s fascinating to read back all the events we’ve written down when you grow old. Reminiscing fond memories of traveling and what you do in the past shapes you to be the person you become.

4. Changes for perspective

It’s a great reward and a big bonus to being exposed to what you don’t see everyday in your  homeland. Opening your mind and allowing you to put in someone else’s shoes changes your perspectives on life, and when you write about it and share it to the world, you’re raising awareness of the different cultures and your own personal view on it. New ideas that you hadn’t thought of before will let you come home with amounts of possibilities. Other than that, when you want to write about an event, you would tend to be less distracted by gadgets as you want to take in everything you’re experiencing. You focus more and are less oblivious of your surrounding, and it can change the way you treat people.

5. It gives out creativite juices 

Other purposes of having a travel blog, besides keeping it to yourself could be that you want to keep your readers interested and create traffic. To do so, you need to be consistent, this means maintaining your schedule for posting your blog and ensuring your posts are always fresh and interesting. You’ll be more intrigue to find more fun contents to keep people coming and entertained, but most importantly for you to explore more and dig deeper!

It’s fun to read about your past adventures and each old post brings back amazing memories. You get to share it with your friends, your future children, who in turn, may want to follow in your footsteps. Traveling and writing are great passions!