With the recent Unicorn drink obsession made by Starbucks, Voldemort would be exhilarated living in an era when unicorn blood is readily accessible. The bright pink, blue and purple drink is still the talk of the century, although the Paddle Pop ice cream technically came first with its similar colour coordination. So what makes this sweet and colourful concoction such a big hit? The honest truth is I don’t actually know. At least it’s really pretty to look at.

Since then, other forms of the unicorn have appeared, such as unicorn latte, unicorn bagel, unicorn cakes; perhaps a full on unicorn brunch is steadily making its way near you! Another majestic creature that’s been turned into food is the beautiful mermaid (sounds like Ariel might be making a comeback). The mermaid drink was launched right after the unicorn drink by Starbucks yet again, which begs the question: Is there some sort of mystical theme that is being produced by the company? I am actually crossing my fingers for a Harry Potter inspired drink. Maybe in the near future? With Harry’s iconic maroon and gold scarf; I mean, why not right?

Here are some of the unique food trends that have happened recently. Have you tried any one of them? If you have, do tell us of your experiences!

1. Coffee in A Cone

PHOTO: joburg.co.za

This coffee lover trend spread like wildfire in late 2016. This unique combination of a cone filled with your favorite coffee beverage was first created in South Africa, at a shop called The Grind Coffee Company.

2. Cronut

PHOTO : dominiqueansellondon

Who hasn’t heard of the crossbred of croissant and doughnut pastry that took the storm all over America and Asia? This sweet delicacy is still in demand and selling like hot cakes!

3. Sushirrito

PHOTO : sushirrito

Sushi, burrito style. That is all you need to know, and it is glorious.

4. Cloud Eggs

PHOTO : sent_mie

This cloud nine treat is making its way big time; a breakfast that will literally float you away.

5) Poke

PHOTO : pineappleexpressdubai

This is a delicious Hawaiian cuisine that is being shared worldwide. If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s basically raw fish salad, but it’s a lot more appetizing than how it sounds.