When my father retired over a year ago, he spent three months helping out at home and resting after over four decades of his career as a teacher and later on, an education officer. Three months later, he came home after a day in the jungle nearby his family home, lugging giant blocks of wood in the back of his car. And a few weeks later, our home had a bunch of wooden crafted candle holders and he’d made a design I jokingly sketched for a lamp-book stand come to life.

The concept of DIY has been a staple in our home for as long as I remember, from toys made out of empty toilet rolls to bookshelves painted by my youngest sister. There’s a space on my table that’s dedicated to photos framed by vibrant Popsicle sticks, and an entire drawer filled with an assortment of washi tapes, colour paper as well as odd bits and ends. Perhaps it’s because my family has always leaned towards the creative side, but DIY projects usually double as family time for us, and it isn’t always about saving cost (although it can help in that aspect). There are very few things that really give someone a sense of achievement aside from completing your very own DIY project, and if you’re still a bit hesitant about what seems to be a hippie trend on the rise, here are a few reasons that’ll hopefully convince you.

1. That satisfaction when you’ve put together a project by yourself

The first thing you should probably know about a DIY project is that it’ll most probably be tough, especially if you’ve little to no experience with it. There will be tears, and frustrated swearing, and a vengeance against any and all power tools. But when you finally put together the remaining pieces of an object that somewhat resembles a makeshift pot for your mini garden, the hard work you’ve put into it would have all been worth it.

2. Learning new skills

I had no idea how to handle a hammer and a saw prior to one of my projects a couple of years ago, and now, I’m only slightly proficient with either tools. However, I can happily brag about being able to make a table out of some wooden crates, and at least I can cut up some wood and pull out nails if I ever find myself in a situation where I’d have to do so. DIY offers you the chance to garner some skills that you wouldn’t otherwise thought you’d be able to have.

value of diy

3. More fulfilling relationships

Nothing will make or break a relationship than being forced to figure out a puzzle together, and I won’t lie, there will be times when you’ll have to bite your tongue or risk a smackdown by your mother. But a shared interest can bring friends or family together, and achieving something with one another will definitely foster all the fuzzy feelings of warmth and support-after you’ve put together that IKEA closet, at least.

4. It trains you to be more self-reliant

Self-reliance is an enviable characteristic trait in this day and age; too often, millennials are perceived as sheep that follow the loudest voice possible. However, we understand that that may not be the case. Even so, by actively taking up DIY projects, you’re going to be picking up skills that were once foreign to you, and this will definitely become beneficial in the long run when you become a homeowner yourself and need to be able to fix up things in the house.

5. It makes you more creative

This last one’s a given; DIY activities actually help to stimulate our brains and influence our thinking processes in order to think up of solutions that are out of the cardboard box that your DIY project parts came in. Plus, when you’re focusing on a single task, it allows your mind to be a little less stressed about any other demands that might have been plaguing your thoughts.