No matter how much morning people try to convince us that mornings are “the greatest things ever”, we’ll still be up at 2am finishing our work. And for the most part, we’ve gotten used to the exhaustion that greets us five hours later when we inevitably stop snoozing our alarms for the seventh time and reluctantly leave the bed. However, this greatly affects our productivity throughout the day, especially for those of us who work office hours and share a household with other people. So below are some ways that will help you to wake up in the morning!

1. Plan your morning before going to bed.

It all starts before you even wake up. One of the reasons why I find it really difficult to deal with mornings is that I can’t be bothered with thinking for myself in the first half an hour after I wake up. So I make it a point to arrange my outfit for the next day on the night before, and make sure I have my things ready for when I leave the house, instead of frantically looking for my notebook and lipstick ten minutes before I have to be at a meeting.

2. Put a hype song as your alarm.

We all have a song that gets us going, and what better way to wake up then listening to something you love that? It doesn’t have to be a full on rock or hip hop song, as long as it’s upbeat and makes you smile. However, it might make you sick of the song sooner than you usually would, but that’s really just an excuse to expand your music collection.

3. Coffee Water.

I know how great coffee tastes in the morning when you’re sleep-deprived (believe me, there have been mornings where it was almost like the elixir of life), but some days, even coffee isn’t enough to wake me up and it leaves me feeling a bit nauseous. And that’s when I know I’m sleep-deprived and dehydrated. Drink a glass of water before you sleep and another when you wake up in order to replenish the hydration levels in your body. It’ll help you become more alert as opposed to merely guzzling down some caffeine.

4. Exercise.

After shutting off your awesome alarm, do a couple of exercises to get your body moving and generating chemicals like endorphin and adrenaline that help to further wake you up. Simply moving your body will allow you to get into the mindset of getting ready for the day. Do about five to ten sets of jumping jacks or even simply stretching if you’re not ready for that kind of athletic commitment.

5. Eat proteins in the morning.

While breakfast is an important meal, it’s even more crucial to note what you put in your breakfast bowl. Proteins like eggs, lean meat and whole-grain cereal will nourish your body and helps you feel fuller while at the same time keeping you awake, rather than having full-on carbs or fatty breakfasts which will make you sleepy in the long run.

6. Remind yourself of the reasons you wake up.

More than anything else, there’s always at least one reason why you have to wake up, and it’s usually an important one. Keep reminding yourself of it, even if it’s as simple as having to go to school or work, because sometimes, we need just a little more motivation on those dreary mornings.

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