We’ve all been in situations where we’re embodying the mind of a sloth when it’s time to go for a workout. It just seems like too much work. After a tiring day of work, why would you want to make yourself even more tired? It’s very easy to dismiss the opportunity to go, especially with that train of thought.

But how do you motivate yourself to exercise, even after all those reasons you’ve come up with in the past year or so? Here are a few recommendations to try if you ever come across feeling an all time low to get off the couch.

Drag your friends along

If they haven’t coaxed you into it already, then you can be the initiator. What’s good about this is that not only do they act as a “buddy system”, but they’re also there to make the atmosphere light, fun and entertaining. Dragging even just one friend with you is enough to keep you going to the gym for a long time.

I have found out that I went to the gym far more often when my friends were around than when I went solo. I had counted that on average, for the year I went solo, I had only gone to the fitness center twice a week. In comparison to the times when I went with a group, I surprised myself that I was consistent in going for the exercises 5 times a week.

It works so well because if you can’t give yourself the push, they will.

Find a suitable time and slot your workout schedule in advance

If you’re a certified night owl and can’t wake up in the morning on weekends, schedule your workouts at night. Therefore, you won’t be cranky and half asleep when you’re hitting the gym. Not a good feeling if you want to motivate yourself to go for an exercise. If you’re a busy bee and your week is quickly filled with work, meet ups with friends, you can set aside just an hour of your time on any day for an exercise. A suitable period of exercise will only take you 30 to 45 minutes per day.

Join group fitness classes

Most fitness centres provide group classes you can participate in. I find myself more motivated to go to these classes than performing cardio on elliptical machines, or mingling with the weight equipment racked in the corner of the room. These group fitness classes are usually inclusive with a gym membership, but still attainable for walk-ins at a slightly higher price. They may range from yoga, to dance classes, to lifting weights, to martial arts. The variety will keep you on edge and will never let you feel bored. In addition to that, the energy of the people in the class will keep you fueled to do your best!

Purchase awesome gym threads

After a shopping trip with my friends, we felt so eager to get back to the gym and show off our new threads. It was quite unusual for us to be so excited to get to the fitness centre like kids in a candy store.

These gym wear don’t even have to be branded or expensive. You will end up sweating in them anyway. However, when you don new workout clothes, you will positively feel the motivation to start exercising.

Fitness tracker

Why splurge on standalone fitness trackers that cost over $100 when you can utilise those fancy fitness trackers in your smart phone? They’re mostly free, but some will cost less than $5 to spend for a reliable app. They can be used to your advantage and act like a digital diary of your health journey.

These can generally track daily steps, running, bike rides. It’s a great way to marvel at your own progress weekly and will definitely boost your motivation to aim higher.

Killer music playlist

Whether you’re doing a routine at the gym or an exercise down at the park, motivate yourself with music that will get you pumping. Music is a powerful tool to manipulate your emotions into thinking that you will be able to do it! Use this to your advantage.

I recall doing a bland core strengthening exercise, that by the time I was doing my second plank, I was about to just give up and sleep on the exercise gym mat instead. However, guess what popped up on my playlist ever so randomly? Rocky Balboa’s theme song. I went straight ahead with a third and fourth plank, because Rocky’s song compelled me to.

Bask in the post-workout endorphin rush. It’s definitely not easy to keep the motivation at an all time high. People commonly slip up and lose track of where their motivation went. It’s certainly difficult to step into the zone of exercising, but once you’re in it, it can also be quite tough to get out of it with the right kind of motivation.