It is the day of your wedding, the day you have been counting down to, when you anxiously keep checking your calendar months earlier at the office to THE day. You are on the ultimate cloud nine because this is your day! All the planning and organizing has led to this special day. All the signs point to success, but as we all know, even the most thought-out plans can hit an unexpected snag. Sadly, nothing can make you fall off the surface of the earth faster than a wardrobe malfunction. A stubborn zipper, stains on your dress, tears, an allergic reaction, and everything in between? Result? A bride that is freaking out a.k.a bridezilla will appear. 

Don’t. Not just yet! There is always a way out of every little disaster you could possibly encounter on your big day. Some handy tools you can pack ahead to prepare for the worst, just like a fashion mishap. I have listed down a few of those malfunctions along with their back-up plans for you to put in motion for those last-minute tragedies that might threaten to send your wedding day into a downward spiral.

Fashion Mishaps

While zippers are usually reliable, they do break or get stuck sometimes. When a zipper breaks or a button starts to fall off your dress, I would recommend having a professional seamstress available on the day of the event. This person can also bring a steamer and an iron and can oversee everyone’s wardrobe. For people who do not have it in their budget to bring a seamstress to your actual day and venue, it is also good to know if anyone in your family or even your bridesmaids (who are allowed to see you before you walk out) and are able to sew, and you can make sure to pack a steamer for your dress, and for your bridesmaids’ dresses or headscarves. This will help you have a peace of mind. The perfectionist in you would want to see everyone else, not just yourself, in tiptop shape.

As you are ready to leave your room, everyone takes their position to walk behind you. Horror strikes when one of your bridesmaids or family members step on your train or veil. 1) It gets dirty, 2) it gets ripped! Screams may be heard echoing through the halls and tears might fall, but don’t worry. It can be fixed in a jiffy. You just need a portable sewing kit, again, this is why having a seamstress around is important! Make sure the thread matches the colour of your dress and voilà! Disaster has been averted. It may take a bit if time, but you rather be late fashionably, right? Just remind everyone to take two steps away from you and your dress at all times. 

Outdoor weddings could be more prone to mishaps, especially when you have a veil. It may fly over your head and get rubbed to your perfectly glammed up face. So what to do here is to try to add a little weight to the bottom of your veil to avoid it from flying over your head. If there’s no beadings, clip on some small magnet just to add the volume.


A wedding can run late due to multiple reasons; doing your hair or headscarf, and makeup took longer than expected, the wardrobe malfunctions you faced, forgetting something and having to turn back, and what about traffic, just to name a few. If one part of the day runs longer than expected, the whole day will be delayed in cascading function.

The solution to running late and the unexpected delays, is having a timeline or a schedule. You should plan on a few things and stick to it, be strict on yourself with all the timings, and make sure everyone else does the same. Prior to your wedding day, draft a wedding day schedule that leaves plenty of time for hair, makeup and transportation to be safe. Get your bridesmaid or family member to schedule it for you. You will need someone you can depend on to keep everyone on track. If you are the one running late, do your best to start as soon as possible, which means you have to schedule with your make up artist earlier, get your hijab on earlier too (somehow, headscarves become complicated during your special day). When you are all dressed, then there is nothing can stop you from being late! If your bridesmaid or family member is gone missing in action, wait for 10-15 minutes, or just start without them. You do not want to keep your guests who came on time waiting.

To Sum It All, Have An Emergency Kit With You

To try and cover all bases, it is always a good idea to have a “be-prepared” kit- a small bag a bridesmaid or a family member who can be in charge of. Inside should be all the small essentials that can help with wedding day emergencies. Stain removal wipes and a small sewing kit for all the wedding dress accidents, and painkillers like Panadol for the inevitable headache which could arrive at some point of the special day. Your emergency kit should also have scissors and superglue, in case something breaks or needs cutting, and breathmints are great to have for all the hugs and kisses from guests. Your kit should also have tissues for all the crying you do on the most memorable and happiest day of your life.