I was searching the web for more information about technology, when a thought came to my mind. “What if all the technology in the world suddenly disappeared? Could we survive?”

We are increasingly dependent on modern technology, to the point that we have started to take for granted the normal things in life. Without technology, life feels a bit off-centred. Technology allows us all to be faster, more dynamic and comfortable in doing things in our daily lives. However, most of us find it really hard to live without modern technologies, ironically because of the benefits that have been afforded to us.

Nowadays, even I can find it hard to live without the perks of modern technology, such as smartphones, the Internet, and a car, among other things. It’s almost impossible for me to communicate with people without the existence of technology, as nowadays, our main communication lines are on social media such as Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter. Also, we can easily get our information and the latest news with a simple Internet connection, thanks to social media.

With over 49.6% of the world population using the Internet as of March 2017 (and that number is definitely increasing as of this point), you can absolutely expect that the disappearance of technology would cause mayhem to the world today. The Internet itself has evolved so much in recent years, that to deny its existence in every part of our lives is a futile effort. People all around the world use the Internet daily and if that was to be shut down, well; imagine the chaos that would ensue.

Communications will inevitably be slower, work will become a lot more difficult with no Internet as everything will need to be done manually; imagine having to wait for days for a reply to a simple question or slogging through gigantic encyclopedias to find a piece of vital research.

What do you think would happen if all of the technology in our world suddenly disappeared?