Ramadan month is upon us, it is now just a week away. As a Muslim, I have always love the idea of Ramadan. Simply because all Muslims around the world are coming together as a community and unite to welcome this holy month of Ramadan. The power it has in uniting all walks of life who shares the same beliefs as well drawing the non-believers to become more intrigued in why this holy month is so exceptionally important to all Muslims.

In its simplest form, Ramadan is a month where all Muslims are fasting from sunrise to sunset; abstaining from all foods and drinks as well as any other forms of worldly desires and turning their souls solely to our Creator. It is a month of cleansing the soul and finding yourself in the right guidance to Allah (SWT) and strengthening that connection.

I can not speak on behalf of all Muslims around the world, but these are the factors as to why I personally love the month of Ramadan and why it’s so special to me.

Opening To Changes 

There are many things that I hold on in high regard about this month. One of them being that those who don’t normally pray will make more of an effort to do so during this month. Take for instance, women will naturally without a doubt try to cover themselves modestly during Ramadan, in a way of showing respect to the rest of the majority. Ramadan has a way in opening up the souls of those who rarely prays nor gives out charity in their lives, yet when Ramadan approaches, naturally those who haven’t felt that connected to Islam will genuinely try to regain them especially in this holy month. Also, the closeness of the families during this time never ceases to bring happiness into my heart.

Purifying Own Self

Muslims believe that during this month the gates of Heaven are opened and the gates of Hell are closed. Therefore, it is easier to get rid of your vices and focus on purifying your soul of actions throughout the year that have negatively impacted your habits. During Ramadan, I was able to reflect upon my predicaments and ask questions necessary to become a better version of myself. I usually become more selfish when it comes to prioritizing for the “better me”. Growing up, we have been told to keep praying and making duas especially in this holy month as all of our prayers are bestowed on by the Almighty.

Refrain From The Bad

With the previous one being said, it is essential for us all to refrain ourselves in speaking ill of anyone or anything, not just during Ramadan but also a “practice” for the rest of our lives. Hence, bringing back to the matter of cleansing oneself not just spiritually, but as well as emotionally and mentally. In all honesty, Ramadan is the perfect month to sacrifice all of your energy and time to the Almighty as to Him where we belong and to Him is where we will be when we depart from this world.

Reflect On Self 

Another factor as to why this month is precious in this Muslim’s heart is a lot of the reflection done during prayers and the recitation of the Holy Book, the Qur’an.

When you’re fasting, you’re able to access a more vulnerable part of yourself. I find myself often thinking about those who are less fortunate than myself, and it makes me more grateful to God. I look forward to the times when I am praying and feel a special connection where I am able to express my fears and hopes. It feels great to know that no matter what condition I am in, I can rely on the power of prayer to feel better. And nothing calms you down especially when you’re really focused in reciting the Qur’an. My mother always push me to read the Qur’an whenever I feel uneasy or whenever I find it hard to sleep during the night. Granted, I never resulted to the Qur’an for a solution, but during Ramadan, I find myself gravitating almost naturally and now, Alhamdulillah, I read at least 3 to 5 pages if not everyday, weekly.

Unity of all muslim’s community

During Ramadan, there is a sense of stronger connection within the Muslim community. It is not surprising to see many of my Muslim friends be awake till 5 in the morning to eat with their families and pray at the sunrise. People understand what others are going through when they are fasting.

Mosques are usually more crowded during Ramadan as well. To see so many Muslims of different races and ethnicities all gathered under one roof just to hear the word of God is both empowering and beautiful to watch.


In this holy month, it is usually a normal period of time to be treated and treat people with food. It can also be in form of charity or donation to mosques or those in need. The month where everyone gathered in buying, or making food, more often than not for iftar. The time of iftar, the breaking of our fast during the Maghrib prayer, which is at sundown.

We would all sit together at the dinner table (or on the floor mat) and prepare for our first meal of the day. You can’t really appreciate Ramadan without appreciating the amazing food you get to eat when you break your fast. Breaking the fast with family and often friends is an amazing feeling. It creates more bonding time with our family, relatives, friends or even long lost friends. The feasts are made in good quantities with all members of the family coming together to contribute. I also thoroughly enjoy getting to buy all sorts of food at the market with all the muslims eyeing for which are the best to break their fast with.

The forgiveness of our sins and the closeness to Allah (SWT), as well as the strength to stray away from those that bring negativity into our lives. The togetherness, closeness, purity, innocence, forgiveness, strength, and simplicity of this month are a few of the many factors that make the month of Ramadan the most beautiful month and makes me eternally grateful that I have been guided on the path of being a Muslim. Alhamdulilah and Ramadan Mubarak to all my Muslim friends!