Iam not a mother just yet, but my colleagues as well as my closest friends have been calling me, “mommy” ever since I could remember. For some odd reason, my mommy vibe just naturally exudes whenever I’m out with my friends or family. Moreover, with my current job as a teacher, it’s only natural my mommy instinct kicked in gear on a daily basis.

Here are some essential items, in my opinion, mothers should have in their bag from viewing around:

Wet tissue & hand sanitizer. Every now and then I always stock myself with a hefty amount of wet tissues. You can easily get them at a reasonable price at Guardian or any supermarket. Being a teacher, having wet tissues have become a common necessities especially in helping cleaning each and every table of your students’ before class begins.

We all know the importance of hygiene, but these small beings are not fully aware of that. They’ll stuff in food directly from their hands that have touched so many things! Thus, this will come in handy for mothers to have in their bags for their child. Hand Sanitizer can also be easily bought in Bath & Bodyworks which come in pretty sparkly colours too, which can be an encouragement for children to make it as a habit too. However, we should also take into account on those who are suffering from eczema, as they are most likely to be allergic to eucalyptus.

Snacks. Nothing is worse than being stuck somewhere especially at public places with a cranky and hungry child. We all have seen it. We have witnessed how a hungry and cranky child throws his or her tantrums in public. We pitied their parents, yet, at the same, deep down we are grateful we’re not in that position… just yet. Thus, I always thought to myself, keeping a snack or two in your purse is just smart parenting. It’s easier for me to say this, as I’m no mother just yet, but I remember those days in University when you had an early class and you haven’t had any breakfast to fulfil your monstrous tummy. But I knew I was prepared. I had a few granola bars on my purse and I have been carrying a snack or two in my purse ever since.

Portable Chargers or extra batteries. We now live in an era of social media and by that, I mean kids these days tend to gravitate towards gadgets instead of actually wanting to play tag outside. In other words, children tend to ask for their parents’ phones to play video games or watch videos on YouTube. Some may even agree, letting their children watch Youtube is like having a quick break from all the hassle! Thus, it’s only appropriate for mothers these days to have portable chargers in their bags. It’s just nice to be extra prepared when your phone needs to be recharged. However, it is also important to study and inspect the dangers and take extra cautious whenever you are trying new trendy gadgets such as wireless portable chargers.

Bandages. I have been carrying bandages in my wallet for as long as I could remember. Also these bandages are usually for the cuts on my feet whenever I wear something less comfortable for the longest of time. And if your kids are like me, then you may never know when you’re going to need to remedy a cut or a scrape. Kids think they require a Band-Aid for everything. I know this very well, because being a teacher; I am exposed to kids wanting to Band-Aid almost everything.

Toys. There’s a reason why some toys are made small and are so popular : so they can fit your bag perfectly. Pull that thing out of there’s a sign of boredom from these children.

A separate bag for baby necessity. No one likes being in a room with stench of a stinky diaper. Always come in prepare they say. Things like diapers, milk powder, milk bottle, toys, extra clothes, creams are all the essential when having a baby! Especially when it’s your first experience as a mother. Separate all these stuff into another bag and all you have to do during your next day trip is to grab that bag and go!

Caffeine. Every now and then, we all need caffeine especially to all the mothers out there. Take a can of caffeine to keep yourself refuel all day! It can be coffee, coke, or anything that keeps you awake!

Like it or not, a woman’s purse is like a kangaroo pouch, you just never know what every mother carries in their bag, finding legos or a chewed-up gum might not be a shock to some mothers nowadays.