Just remember the last time you had a difficult time. Now try to remember who was the one who helped you. It could have been a family member, a mentor or a close friend. Most likely, it was the latter; a friend provides support and is also our own worst critic. Basically, they’re a family member that we got to choose for ourselves.

Friends can also help us on a spiritual level, constantly reminding us to keep close to our faith but the truth of the matter is that they come and go. Not everyone will stay with you forever. While it is important for us all to have friends, some of us might find it hard to strike a friendship.

Don’t Expect Too Much and Stop Judging People Unfairly

One of the reasons we might find it hard to make friends is because we tend to expect too much from people. We want them to support us and help us in every way, but without thinking of the problems they face as well. If we continue with this trend of making friendships, this will inevitably cause people to drift away from us.

When we start to increase our expectation in the capability of our potential friends, we start to judge people unfairly. We judge them by their character and their past, but this is not a great foundation to make a friendship work. In every situation, we should always give them a chance and see them as a neutral point, and start to grow the friendship from there.

By not judging and having a lowered expectation that’s not clouded by our own assumptions, creating a friendship with people will be easier as it will put both parties at ease.

Importance In Communication

In any friendship, it is important to communicate clearly what you are feeling. Honest communication leads to the right expectations. Speak honestly with the people you want to be friends with. You need to be able to create a sense trust and acceptance between yourself and your potential friends.

What I’m trying to say is that, it doesn’t have to be too hard when it comes to creating a friendship with someone. Having zero assumptions, not judging someone unfairly and better communication help in making friends. So on International Friendship Day, let’s go out and make friends!