A girl sees a camera, picks it up and runs her fingers on every feature and button it has. She starts taking photos of the flowers nearby, sees grains of pollen and the delicate details that the human eye can barely see. She becomes fascinated at what she captures. That’s how she fell in love with photography.

A woman in the photography industry allows them to tell the stories from their perspective. However, the emerging women photographers are often under-represented and under-celebrated. These story-tellers and image-makers who are working hard to build empathy and make a name for themselves through perspective of a female photographer which is quite unique and different.

Generally, women tend to be a little more sensitive, more into the personal narrative and wants to get deeper into a story. Emotions are involves and they would form closer bonds with their clients and subjects, there’s a sense of openness that makes others want to open up to them.

We’re all used to seeing photographs of people, of food, of travel adventures. But what do we actually know about the ones taking it? What do their eyes see, what do they think of when they capture snapshots of photographs?

They capture images that are flat, but turn them into an art and present another meaning to their subjects, they see every detail, light, shadows and shapes. It’s a different world to a photographer, their eyes or lens see something else compared to everyone else, a different way to interpret an image. Their creative purpose to tell stories that shift perspectives and bring in positive changes into the world.

We’re so used to seeing the males dominating the industry, at press or media conferences, coverage of national events, weddings, religious events, modelling shows, but now, more women are emerging and crossing that line. Some people, especially a pious women, will feel more comfortable to let them into their private spaces. There’s some type of understanding and it’s easy to communicate with.

From across the world, women are seen becoming photojournalists, taking part in war zones, risking their lives, or having their photographs on National Geographic, talking to other women and children who are often disregarded. They are showing that women undoubtedly can be a part of this other world.

Taking photography as a hobby lets a woman integrate meaning and fills in a particular need and space in their lives. Either taking photos at a friends’ or family gathering, taking outfit-of-the-day shots or random photographs during their travels, photos of buildings, or the view from where they are, it gives them a sense of satisfaction, to try to capture what is artistic to her, to show to other people who may see it, or even just to keep it to herself.

The technology that revolves around photography is tremendously addictive, the specifications that allows subjective comparisons gives you countless options to choose from. With digital photography, the instant feedback connects us faster. Camera phones and sharing on social media allows us to see the world as it occurs, and no special state-of-the-art skills is required. It is simply the interest of a person.