This is part 2 of a 3-part series on an infographic we released on 23rd February called “The 33”.

A while back, Hadi wrote about the first group of ladies in the 33 list that has been created in conjunction of Brunei Darussalam’s 33rd National Day, whilst at the same time celebrating the success stories that the said women have achieved. Although it has been over a month since our festive and beautiful 33rd National Day, we are still here to honour and commemorate the achievements of the said ladies.

Here’s the continuation.

Dr. Kathrina Daud | Achievement in Academia

Dr. Kathrina (Kat) has held the post of Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Arts in Universiti Brunei Darussalam since June 2016 – prior to that, she was the Deputy Director post at the Institute of Asian Studies for two years.

We also know that Dr. Kat has gone above and beyond her academic role, helping organize a feminist book club, as well as working with Heartwrite Co., one of the homegrown companies in Brunei run by two of Hadi’s favourite writers in Brunei.

This year she has submitted a manuscript on women in postcolonial Southeast Asian literature, for the Springer “Asia in Transition” series, co-edited with a colleague in Malaysia, and will be out for publication this year.

Khairunnisa Ash’Ari | LegCo Member

The co-founder of Green Brunei and a Chevening Scholar, this wonder of a woman has acquired a number of prestigious achievements, including the Queen’s Young Leaders Award and her recent appointment as a member of the Brunei Legislative Council, making her one of the first youth members of LegCo.

YB Khairunnisa, or known to most as Kye, is an all-rounder and an inspiration to women everywhere; the epitome of conviction that there are no limits as to what a woman can achieve if she strives towards it.

Lisa Ahmad | Developing the Local Art Industry

Lisa is the founder and resident artist at Kaleidoscope Studio, a studio very aptly-named, based on her vision- She has been known to conduct Open Mic Sessions, private and intimate musical performances, art exhibitions and she is overall a lover of performing arts: She is an aesthete driven to house many different types of contemporary art forms, because she believes that art is an expression of the individual, a medium for the artists’ freedom of mind.

Aside from her unique, symmetry-based style of art, what inspires us about her is that she does not merely strive to expose her art but she aims at encouraging and showcasing her fellow local artists’ pieces too, be them on canvas, on the theatre stage or in the form of music.

Liyana Yus | Film

At 23 years old, Liyana Yus is already a name every Bruneian household is familiar with, in addition to her having already gained international recognition as an actress as a result of her leading role in Yasmine. Liyana’s talents do not merely lie in her acting capabilities, for her performance in Yasmine showed her audiences that she is also able to carry out the art of martial arts, largely attributed to her participation in Wushu back in her high school days.

Liyana is an inspiration to her fans and to many women because she displays versatility- Not only has she proven that she is able to act and partake in martial arts, she is also well-versed in the music discourse, for she sings, plays the guitar and the drums.

Liyana Zakaria | Extreme Adventures

When she was 19 years old, she found passion in motorcycling and now she is an active participant in the motocross scene not just in Brunei, but internationally as well, including races in Labuan and Johor. In a sport conventionally-perceived as one that is masculine and therefore, only made available for males, Liyana has demonstrated that women like her are more than just capable of the adrenaline, mental-and-physical-focus demanding sport.

She serves as an inspiration for not does she only display bravery in her participation in motocross, but she also showcases her seemingly limitless mental and physical capabilities, for that is what the motocross sport requires from its partakers.

Maziah Mahusin | Olympian Athlete

23 year-old hurdler Maziah is the first ever Bruneian female athlete to be sent to compete in the Olympics and that in itself makes her the face of athletic inspiration and of national pride. Her participation in the London 2012 Olympics did not result in medals, but it was also not unsuccessful, for she created a new national record of 59.28.

When approached and informed that she will be a part of this list, she offered nothing less than modesty and humility. She inspires because not only has she achieved sporting successes and broken athletic barriers, but because she prioritizes important qualities such as discipline and patience. In her words:

Self-discipline and patience is probably one of the most important and difficult skills that I have learned through sport. You and you alone are the only person that can force you to be disciplined and motivated enough to perform well.

Meria Aires Music

Known to her fan base and to every local household as Maria, Meria Aires broke into the local music scene with her first single Angan, to the pleasant surprise of music lovers of the country, for prior to the soothing soft melodic voice she offers in her ballads, mostly rock music dominated the local music scene.

Maria inspires us all for she broke into the local music scene 12 years ago with her light whispery soprano voice, her guitar and her confidence, and she is still going strong, what with the release of a new arrangement of her well-known single from 2006, Bisik Hati. She is one of the first female singer-songwriters who paved the way for up-and-coming local musicians to rise up and pursue music careers of their own.

Nabeela Fadzil | Fashion

A fashion blogger who goes by the pseudonym Lipstickmyname, Nabeela has served as an inspiration to many, for in addition to her impeccable sense of style, she also maintains modesty.

She inspires because she is the epitome of the fact that fashion and style do not end on the surface, for there is substance to them: Fashion sense comes from organizational skills, and Nabeela is able to do an excellent job at it whilst at the same time maintaining a stable career. Not only does she look good, she also inspires her followers to look and feel good together with her.

Nazurah Noor | Eco-Engineering

Participating in activities including but not limited to basketball, golf and even roller-blading, Nazurah is an all-rounder. She is part of Universiti Brunei Darussalam‘s Team GenNext Pejuang, a group of highly-motivated, intelligent and environment-loving students who have participated in the Shell Eco-Marathon Asia competition.

As if her involvement in the creation of a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car named Nakhoda for the 2015 SEM was not enough, Nazurah and her band of geniuses have created another eco-friendly vehicle: The Gennovative’35, a Prototype Battery Electric car.

Nazurah’s achievements in eco-engineering inspires us for she has demonstrated not just engineering skills, but abilities in teamwork, innovation and perseverance.

Nina Iskandar | Film

Nina’s achievements in film complement her beauty, humility and elegance. She has graced the silver screen numerous times, thanks to the fact that she is the first Bruneian actress to be signed with a major Malaysian film production house, Metrowealth International Group.

She started out acting in local Bruneian television and is now a regular on the Malaysian red carpet scene. Not only is Nina soft-spoken, divine and graceful, she is also an example to aspiring local actors that limitations are non-existent when it comes to pursuing your dreams.

Osveanne Osman Developing the Art Industry

Her love for art transcends beyond merely creating pieces of art on canvas. She has gone as far as creating an art studio, the Creative Space Brunei, a platform for local artists to either admire or display their art.

She believes that the inspiration towards creating art comes from anywhere and everywhere, which is why she is part of our 33 list. She displays not just creativity, but an obvious deep appreciation for the beauty life has to offer.

Saedah Hasnal eCommerce

The founder of Bruvera, Saedah grew up without the expectation of opening up a business. A young lady with intentions that are nothing but sincere, her establishment of Bruvera is a reflection of the said characteristics, for Bruvera is a platform for Bruneian brands to showcase and sell their products easily, with an added Bruneian flair at that.

[Part 3 will be out soon. Stay tuned.]