Crack your knuckles and flex your technical muscles, changes are being made to the world! Tech is a flexible and efficient industry, with a very diverse workforce. It can offer higher paychecks, a challenging role, career advancement and lots of other great perks, but it’s no surprise that there’s also an increase in your stress levels, but let’s not talk about that.

The tech world has always been compromised by men, and at times, difficult for a woman to even try to compete. Recently, women have stepped up the game and showed us that they too can be a part of it. More women in the technology work force would be good for technology and innovation, and as there is a saying, that women are the new engine for growth. Young girls want to grow up in different industries such as, and not in any particular order: fashion, business, engineering, politics, armed forces, and technology.

Why choose a career in tech?

  1. Further your problem-solving skills

We know that innovation solves problems, make things simpler and more convenient. When you’re in tech, you get to be a part of that, become somewhat a pioneer: be one of the first to see ideas being developed, tested and then released to others. It’s exhilarating to be involved in something that helps make life easier.

2. Sharing the same vision

Being in tech lets you collaborate effectively and improves your decision-making skills, and at the same time, maximize unique passions and talents, and work with various skill levels and backgrounds, all with the shared vision: to succeed and innovate. Imagine all the ideas they can come up with!

3. Culture of innovation

This job role without a doubt comes with challenges in such a highly dynamic environment. We know the pace of innovation, it’s fast and ever-changing. Good ideas are welcomed and being in tech such a highly dynamic environment is an exciting to be in.

4. Ground-breaking

It’s a revolutionary space, it’s the right mix of science, technology and human interaction. The work can be quite vast, as there’s a pinch of every area, for instance, medicine, transportation, entertainment or fashion. Women can combine their passion with their love of technology as it often overlaps with each other.

5. Challenging environment

The tech industry is the excellent route for those that seek for continual challenges in their work. It’d be hard for you to find the job boring if you’re passionate about tech. A professional in tech would usually aim to virtually solve every problem encountered and offer new solutions, even to the problems we didn’t even know existed!

So, for the women who are considering to have a career in tech, here are some advice:

  1. Polish up on your math

Math skills are critical as tech companies evolve at full speed. You’ll need math to help read trends, produce analytics and it requires some problem-solving skills to be one of the best. Women may think, act, or approach problems differently, which is good for the company.

2. Know your values

Perhaps you’re in a room full of men with more experience and knowledge, but don’t let that get to you. You probably share the same knowledge and ideas, and women generally can bring a lot to the table. The shift in perspectives and skills, and when there’s more women in tech, this will mean that there’ll be more female leaders, and consequently, the women from the next generation would want to be just like them.

3. Find yourself a support system

As it is, unquestionably, a challenging workplace, find a mentor: a relative or someone in the tech industry that you admire, that’s willing to help you succeed. Every person would want a career-advancement, and it’s always useful to always want to improve yourself.

4. Become a life-long learner

Being in tech allows you to learn along the way, and when learning is part of your commitment, you’ll aways look for new ways to progress and grow, hence, career growth.

5. Bridge that confidence gap

Women often belittle their skills. Women tend to withhold themselves in the confidence department, often believing that they’re not good enough, when chances are, they are just as qualified as their male peers.