Whether you’re 15, 18 or 30 years old, there really is no escaping the terrible, dreaded experience of fangirlism. When you do experience it, it’s either you feel embarrassed because, adults don’t fangirl! (Or do they?) OR you’re completely embracing the whole emotional roller-coaster ride.

Just remember, you’re not alone. Here’s how it really goes down, because fangirlism hits you out of nowhere. You’re just always too late to realise it.

1. The Window of Opportunity

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It’ll only take a small introduction to the soon-to-be object of your affections. Like a glimpse of it. Oh, you think s/he’s kind of cool. This is where you’re already lured into the trap.

2. The Discovery

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You’re stepping into new territory and your eyes widen at how unexpectedly amazing s/he is. You think this person is worth checking in further detail.

3. The Intense Research

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You get so amped that you discovered such a really cool person or band and you can’t wait to begin the in-depth “research”. You quickly search them up on Google and relish the fact that their Wikipedia entry is at least half a page long. You begin stalking their social media profiles and start following them. Then, you know it gets serious when you start YouTubing videos about them.

4. The Progress Research

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At this point, you fully realise the dangerous potential of how they’re the most awesome human beings on Earth! How are they even allowed to exist? You waste no time to ponder, as there are still a lot more of uncharted territory.

5. The Blackhole

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Well, you’re finally stuck in the abyss. There’s no turning back. You’re entirely thinking about them 24/7 and you think that’s a good thing, but you need to prioritise yourself. You then realise that there’s nothing left to research because you’ve turned the Internet inside out for any new information. You’ve reached the bottom of the well.

All you can do now is to sit at the bottom of the well, wearing a shirt with the face of the person you’ve pined for for the past two weeks and reflect on how you managed to get in too deep into the fandom.

Alas, you don’t have to worry too much. Eventually you will get your soul back. Without a shadow of a doubt, you’ll look back 10 years later that you might have been ashamed to be so infatuated with such a singer, or a band, or an actor, or an actress. But you will always know from the amount of hours you’ve invested into getting to know these people that they’ll always have a special place in your heart, greeting them like an old friend.